Innes Ireland and his Enicar Sherpa Graph mk1

Innes Ireland, who drove in 50 grands prix,was the first driver that won a F.1 race for Lotus Team.A former paratroop officer and apprentice engineer with Rolls-Royce, he started racing in an old three-litre Bentley when he was 22. Ireland, a flamboyant character who was always impeccably dressed, won the Brookland Memorial Trophy in 1957 … Continua a leggere Innes Ireland and his Enicar Sherpa Graph mk1

Smiths w10

Smiths W10 “The last watch made in England”. Vintage military watches are one of the most interesting sub-sets of timepiece collecting. For many, they encapsulate the essence of “tool watch” in their most elemental form – if for no other reason than they were built to be issued to sailors, soldiers and airmen and brought … Continua a leggere Smiths w10

Jim Clark.

He isn’t just a hero in his day. He was the benchmark. He still is. The one who secured 33 pole positions, 32 podiums and 25 wins in just 72 starts. He never intended to make racing a way of life, let alone become someone considered as the best to have ever raced in the … Continua a leggere Jim Clark.